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Django Auxilium

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Django Auxilium is a set of utilities packages as a Django app which help working with Django. The word “auxilium” means help in Latin. How this project came about is because I used to have an app for each of my Django projects called core or common where I kept all of my utility methods and classes, but after doing a couple of projects, maintaining the same folder within all of the project became non-productive, hence I refactored it into a separate reusable package.


For some of the highlights about the library and the most useful features you are encouraged to take a look at the documentation, particularly Highlights document.


Easiest way to install is by using pip:

$ pip install django-auxilium

If you want to install from source code, you can also install using setup tools:

$ python install


Before running tests you need to install all test dependencies:

$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
# or
$ make install

Then to run tests you can use Makefile:

$ make test


This library uses both functional and doctests

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